outsourcing payroll in Kenya

5 Hidden Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll in Kenya

For most businesses, payroll processing is difficult and it takes a lot of time and outsourcing payroll in Kenya can be an easier option. Employees are the greatest assets of your organization. Therefore, paying them on time is of utmost importance as it keeps them happy and satisfied. Some companies prefer to handle payroll functions […]

Great customer service in Kenya during a crisis

6 Ways to Provide Great Customer Service in Kenya During a Crisis

Great customer service in Kenya during a crisis, companies that focus on communicating with clarity and consistency are far ahead in fostering a positive customer experience. The COVID 19 global pandemic has forced individuals and businesses to shift how they operate. One of the hardest-hit department in most organizations is often customer service. Customer service […]

Payslip Software in Kenya

4 Untold Benefits of Payslips Software in Kenya

Advancements in technology around the world are enabling people to access on-demand services, for example, online banking from their mobile phones. This is making payroll software in Kenya popular for employers. Not only does it make work easier for the HR staff, but employees also appreciate the instant access to their records. Below are some […]

Paperless Payroll in Kenya

Paperless Payroll in Kenya: Why Make the Switch!

Paperless payroll in Kenya can help majority of businesses to cut costs, maintain the security of their company data, and increase productivity. Also, as a business owner, you are looking to streamline efficiency and improve your employees’ morale. Adopting a paperless payroll for your business is the way to go. It makes it easier to […]

Online Payroll Software in Kenya

The Need for Online Payroll Software in Kenya

The need for online payroll software in Kenya as well as the world is transforming digitally and businesses have become more aware of the digital transformation.  Traditionally, companies have been doing payroll processing manually for the longest time. Firstly, manual payroll processing is time-consuming. Secondly, it is prone to human errors and also expensive. Getting […]

integrated workforce

4 Reasons for An Integrated Workforce Management System

 An Integrated Workforce Management System is a must for every business. As a business owner, think of all the processes and software you are currently using. For example, onboarding, time and attendance, and payroll. How much are they costing your business? Do you need to have different software or can you just get one integrated […]

HR technology

5 Ways HR technology Transforms the Workplace for Everyone

Technology has taken played a major role in transforming the HR departments over the past few decades. HR technology has helped organizations streamline their activities and have more efficient HR departments. Therefore, HR professionals can now concentrate on more pressing tasks easily and quickly. It is your responsibility as a business owner to choose the […]

HR compliance in Kenya

Why HR Compliance in Kenya?

.As businesses strive to become more well organized and achieve more in HR compliance in Kenya, the importance of having skilled HR has become clearer. Every firm needs to make sure they are compliant with laws and standards set by the government. Human resource compliance in Kenya is one of the critical aspects every business […]

Employer-Employee Relationship

6 Tips to Effectively Manage Overtime in Your Business

Both small and large companies have to deal with the issue of overtime as it is part of their ongoing expenses. Overtimes are common in workplaces and includes shifts at work and extended operations hours. Overtime often leads to increased costs for the company, fatigue, and reduced productivity for the employee. Understanding overtime means that […]