WorkPay Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance solutions from clock-in to clock-out connected seamlessly to payroll

WorkPay allows for creation of shifts to track employee worked hours in realtime. WorkPay time and attendance system empowers employees to clock in and out using biometric devices or mobile phones therefore ensuring that the correct employee is at the right workplace at the right time. 

WorkPay provides a range of analytics tools that present data in easy to interpret tables illustrating employees’ behaviors, company issues and recurring trends that affect employee attendance. Using WorkPay Geo-fencing tool, employees can only clock in or out from their designated sites.

Biometric Authentication

WorkPay supports biometric authentication with geo-location enabled biometric devices. WorkPay works with both wall-mounted and mobile biometric devices. Employee’s data is synced with the company’s attendance record in real time.

WorkPay Time and Attendance software works with a a variety of device providers. If you already have biometric devices installed in your office, you will not need to buy new devices. Our engineers will walk you through the integration or you can do it yourself, it’s that SIMPLE!

Mobile App and QR codes

WorkPay Employee Portal and mobile App enables employees to check-in or check-out using QR codes as checkpoints. The QR Code check in and out is geo-location enabled and IP restriction to ensures employees check in at the right location. Attendance reports via QR Codes are also real time.

This is a good way for businesses to track time for field employees like sales reps, delivery and logistics personnel and security guards.