WorkPay Payments processing

Convenient and secure way of paying employees’ salary advances, petty cash and salaries

Simple, Convenient & Secure Payout Option.

WorkPay enables bulk payments to multiple recipients with the click of a button. This saves time, possible errors and ensures an easy, faster, convenient and secure payment experience. The payment instructions are sent through encrypted APIs which guarantees the actual amounts are paid to the right people in their respective bank accounts or mobile wallets.

Need Salary Loans and Employee Salary Advances?

Payroll disbursement

WorkPay enables instant payment of employees’ salaries directly to their bank accounts or mobile wallets 24/7 even during weekends or bank holidays. This ensures that employees are paid on time always which is a highly valued culture in most organizations.

However, for clients who would prefer to use their respective banks to process payments, WorkPay is configured to output payroll files that are compatible with most bank templates for easy export and upload of salary payments. Additionally, the WorkPay payout module is linked directly with the payroll module and allows the counterchecking of individual’s payroll information before the actual payments minimizing payment errors.

Salary Financing and Employee Salary Advance Payments

WorkPay enables the timely payment of employee salary via a B2B Salary Financing credit facility. This ensures that companies are able to always pay their employees on time despite cash flow challenges.

Salary advance facility is available to salaried employees of companies that use the WorkPay platform to process payroll. WorkPay is backed by lending and financing partners that guarantees scalability and competitive interest rates to sustain the credit facility.